Why Now is the Time to Buy Bitcoin

Everyone you talk to is either head over heals about Bitcoin and making money or scared as hell that they will lose everything because “this dang bubble is about to crash dude.” The more you know and understand about finances the more you will realize you are losing money by NOT getting invested in bitcoin and other crypto currency NOW. Some world governments have accepted the fact that this is the future of currency but yes there are others who have not because the Top 1 to 2% of the worlds richest people control those governments and the old deflating currency is what keeps them on top of the power structure. As you see the ebbs and flows of crypto currency just know that every time it has a major dip or as scared investors say crash that the worlds richest people are buying it like crazy so they can once again maintain as much control over the worlds currency as they can. Start buying now. Need to learn more follow my Facebook group Bitcoin Profits.

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