WARNING: Stay Away from Trade Coin Club

We try to help people learn how they can earn as much as they can from bitcoin and other cryptocurrency but we thought that it is a public duty to warn as many new Bitcoin users as possible to NOT INVEST in Trade Coin Club.

Trade Coin Club has exhibited dubious business practices to include multiple changes to their fee schedules, taxes and other means of snatching back profits from “traders”. Trade Coin Club has also increased the minimum withdrawal rate from 0.03 btc to 0.09 btc thereby trapping thousands of “apprentice” level traders with too little earnings to recoup their investments before Trade Coin Club decided to cease their operations in the United States.

There has been very little if any official communication from Trade Coin Club on how or why this decision took place. The defenders of the program may beg to differ but you shouldnt have to be a “founder” in the company to know what is going on and then hope you are in the right Facebook Group to get the scoop.

Trade Coin Club is a Ponzi scheme. Its my belief that the millions in bitcoin that the company stole from “Apprentice” level investors will be used to continue to fund this scheme since the United States investors have been locked out of their accounts and have NO WAY of recouping their monies now.

Lets see the real conservative math of what TCC is up to:

United States Traders: 50,000 (probably a low estimate)
Average Dollar Value of 0.05 btc: $562 (based on $11,281 btc price)
Total Value of Bitcoin Stolen by Trade Coin Club from its users: $28,100,000.00

There are a lot of schemes out there and I will continue to educate you on as many as we can but I can tell you that Trade Coin Club or TCC as they are known is BAD NEWS!!!

more to come…


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