USI-Tech Ceasing Operations in the USA and Canada

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Extraordinary Termination of Distributor Agreement (Distributor ID: 5943127)

Dear Customer,

You are active for our company in the US and/or Canada as a distributor offering our services. We were utterly dismayed to learn that a large number of our sales partners extensively advertise our services on their own websites as well as on social media in a manner which is a breach of contract as well as illegal, and which gives the appearance that our service portfolio violates both US and Canadian law. Despite the measures which we have already initiated, this behavior has even intensified in recent weeks and months. This has already resulted in actions by the respective authorities against various distributors, as well as the first preliminary injunctions in response to this advertising behavior.

The initiation of the above-mentioned official action and the court-ordered preliminary injunctions has also inevitably placed our company in a legally problematic situation. This is due to the fact that, in the event of any doubt, it cannot be ruled out that this illegal advertising by the distributors involved will cause the relevant authorities to suspect that our company itself is promoting this type of advertising activity, or at least tolerates it. This type of alarming view by the authorities would lead to unforeseeable damage for our company as well as our sales partners who observe applicable laws. We cannot subject our company or our reputable sales partners to this danger.

Consequently, we have decided to immediately discontinue our business activities as well as our sales in the US and Canada. Unfortunately, this also has a direct consequence for you as a sales partner since the cessation of our marketing operations means that we are forced to immediately terminate our contractual relationship with you.

Although we deeply regret this step both on a business and a personal level, effective immediately we hereby summarily cancel the existing contractual relationship with you as a distributor,

or, alternatively, hereby notify you of ordinary termination as of the next possible date.

In light of the above-announced termination, effective immediately you may no longer market goods, software or other services to our customers, and we will unfortunately no longer be able to accept applications for distributor agreements from third parties from you. In order not to jeopardize the termination of our contractual cooperation, for security reasons your sales partner account in our back office will also immediately be blocked.


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